What I Do



language assistance

I translate between English & French and from Dutch into French or English.

French is my native language. I studied journalism and linguistics in Belgium. Having lived in the United States for the last 24 years, I have become fully bilingual, with an extensive understanding of the cultural specificities of each country. When I translate your English or Dutch documents into French, they won’t read like translations. The quality will be equal to (or better!) than that of a text originally written in French. Living in an English-speaking environment also allows me to produce high-quality translations into English, in collaboration with an English-speaking colleague. That extra step ensures that the English is smooth and idiomatic, without a hint of translationese (when a translation is awkward and sounds like a translation). My areas of expertise include:
Corporate & Financial
  • Financial reports
  • HR policies and codes
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Bank statements
  • Prospectuses
  • Investment reports
  • Clinical studies
  • Medical devices
  • Patient information
  • Drug launch, safety, data sheets
Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Scientific journal articles
  • Research
  • Theses and academia
Official Documents
  • Birth certificates
  • Domicile certificates
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Marriage licenses
  • School transcripts and diplomas
  • CVs
  • Applications

I proofread English & French academic and scientific texts.

Researchers, professors, and students: your documents will be published in journals, presented at conferences, shared among colleagues, and hopefully become go-to references in your area of specialization. In some cases, your tenure and promotions may count on the quality and reach of your work. So, you don’t want to risk having a less-than-exceptional text. Whether you’ve written in your native language or your non-native language, I can help you make your article or shine. You’re the subject matter expert; my job is to make sure your document reads smoothly and idiomatically, without errors in grammar, vocabulary, or spelling.
  • Journal articles
  • Conference presentations
  • Theses and dissertations

I offer bespoke language support for individuals and businesses.

Have you just moved to the Dallas area from France and feel like you need a little help dealing with all the details of getting settled in a new place in English?

Do you need to attend a meeting being held in your second language?

Are you an American who needs to call a French-speaking country for business or to make travel plans?

Or do you want to talk to a native-level speaker for conversation practice in French or English so you will feel more confident when talking to colleagues and friends from other countries?

I can help with all these situations, and many more.

  • Business meetings
  • Navigate the greater Dallas area
  • Communicate with authorities