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Bicultural is what you need

For your French-speaking clients, colleagues, students, or friends, you need translated documents that are linguistically perfect, of course, but also culturally correct, with the nuances and style that are specific to a country or region.

​That is what I do best.

English, French & Dutch

Get translation services for corporate and financial documents, reports, contracts, policies and more.

Language Coaching

If your French or English language needs practice or improvement, I have effective and fun methods to boost your confidence!

Relocation Assistance

Are you moving from a French-speaking country, or to a French-speaking country? I can translate any document for you in real-time!


I am blessed to serve many wonderful clients from around the world. Here are just a few of the kind words shared about my services, professionalism, attention to detail, and the quality of my work. I look forward to providing you with the same experience.


Marguerite is a skilled translator and an absolute pleasure to work with. She provided timely and high-quality French-to-English translations of legal texts (opinion letters, regulations, statutes, court opinions) and of documentary evidence containing a fair amount of technical terminology in a major case arising out of Mali, but litigated in U.S. courts. She was always willing to explain the nuance of different word choices, did an excellent job of identifying when more context was needed to select the best translation, always kept to schedule and overall was an invaluable resource whom I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone.
Marguerite is a very good and reliable translator. I have worked with her for several years, always with pleasure. I trust her work and analysis.
I think it is important to mention that Marguerite is a people person. She communicates easily and makes you feel at ease with transactions and business.
I have high words of praise for Marguerite. She consistently turned out a high-quality product even when faced with a tight turn-around when I worked with her as a PM at JTG, inc. Quite often the subject matter was technical, such as construction specifications for airport facilities, and I could always be confident that our client would be satisfied with the final product. Highly conscientious, with a great eye for detail, I highly recommend her services for anyone who needs a reliable, dependable translator who consistently exceeds expectations.
Marguerite is the ultimate professional. She takes tremendous pride in the quality of work she produces for her clients and even pushes her personal time to ensure deadlines for customers. From the first time I met Marguerite, she exhibited an enthusiasm for the translation business that got me excited. She is a joy to know and for those looking to work with someone with the highest integrity, I would recommend Marguerite.
I’ve had the chance to work with Marguerite on a number of occasions. She’s professional, always on time and very conscientious in her work. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to my clients.