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TranslationFrench was founded in 2000 by freelance translator Grite Storm when she moved from France to the United States. After ten years working
as a full time freelance translator, Grite has now taken her business to the next level by creating a team of dedicated, enthusiastic translators who will meet your needs in a personalized way. Originally a family business, now comprised of members from various domains of expertise and living on both sides of the Atlantic, TranslationFrench ensures extremely accurate and comprehensive translation services as well as seamless coverage of most time zones.
Our primary goal is to establish a relationship with you, to understand your field of practice, and to anticipate your language needs. As most businesses now have the ability to operate worldwide, translation needs have expanded. We understand that and are able to meet your specific translation needs at a top quality level.
Our target languages are French and English.
We translate from English, French, Flemish, and Dutch.
Our sophisticated quality control system includes several levels of proofreading as well as the use of external consultants for specific fields of expertise.
We deliver quickly but will never sacrifice quality for speed. While we understand that timing is extremely important, we also believe that you need
a top quality translation, one that is completely indistinguishable from an original document.
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